How to install repositories on Kodi and watch movies

Well in the previous guide we saw kodi installation methods. Now we share some of the easiest methods to install repository and watch movies. You might be wondering what new knowledge can give you. Well, there is a secret trick to install all the repo in a single click. Yep, you can install most of the famous repository in a single click. And we will also share some of the methods to find the lost repository. In the second part of this guide, we will share some of the best addons top watch movies. This is a beginner guide if your an advanced user you can skip the first section.

Steps to install repository

Probably most of the kodi user know about this method. Here you need to add the repository source to kodi and install the repository directly from the source. Or you can download the repository from the source and follow zip file installation method. Follow the below steps to install any of the repositories.

  • Find the repository URL
  • Go to kodi home screen > Settings > File manager >Add source >none.
  • Now enter the URL and a name for the source.
  • Navigate back to home screen and select addons > unzip icon > Install from zip file.
  • Now select the location of the downloaded file by clicking on the browse.
  • Wait for a few seconds, you will receive a popup.

Thus the repository has been installed successfully. You can follow the same steps to install any of the repositories. Searching for the repository URL is a bit time-consuming process. But there is a special trick to install all the repo with a single click. There is a special repository called Lazy repo. It doesn’t host any of the addons instead its hosts the links of other repositories. You add this repository as a source and you can install any of the linked repositories in a single click.

Hereafter you don’t need to search for repository URL for each and every repository. Follow the below steps to add the lazy repo to your kodi and install other repositories. You can only install the linked repositories.

Steps to install any repository on kodi in a single click

  • Go to settings > File manager > Add Source > None
  • Enter the URL as and enter the name as lazy.
  • Navigate back to home screen and select addons > Unzip icon > install from Zip file.
  • Select lazy > Repos >Kodil/or any repo you want to install.
  • Wait till the repository has been installed.

If this repo is not working, you can find working repo list at Thus you have successfully installed a repository. Now you need to select install from repository followed by repository name and category. And select the addon and click on install. By this way, you can install any of the repositories in a single click. This is a huge time saver. You can install any of the addons in this simple method. Hope this tutorial is helpful.