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Why WOW Game Is Disconnected?

Online multiplayer games have created quite a revolution in recent years. Most of the online games are more powerful and are connected to game servers, which are not only yours, and that’s why it can get complicated or errors occur due to poor internet connections or conflicts in the network.

Blizzard is one of the most popular game companies. Over the years it has produced some very exciting games and World of Warcraft is one of them. The game is fun to play, but ever since they released many updates in features in 2004, it still has some bugs.

Recently, gamers have encountered an error, WOW51900319. At first, we thought it was a server issue but due to the increasing number of reported cases, we decided to take the issue seriously as it might be quite frustrating and complicated, so you will definitely need tips to solve wow51900319 issue.

What is WOW51900319 Error?

Originally, the WOW51900319 was a software bug that occurred only in the World of Warcraft game. So, you will only see this error when playing the game, otherwise, it has nothing to do with your computer’s operating system. The WOW51900319 error occurs when the players are disconnected from the network due to web issues on your network or at the end of the game server. In other words, you see this message every time when the game cannot connect to the WoW server.

What causes WOW51900319 Error?

World of Warcraft is a multiplayer game that provides its users with a variety of gaming environments so that the game never becomes boring for them. Along with this, it comes with seven expansion packs. Players believe the bug happened after lunch on an expansion package called Legion. But nothing has been confirmed so far by the blizzard and we don’t know it for sure.

But some assumptions were made about the error. According to players, these are the common reasons for the error.

1. Network Latency requirements

We all know that Blizzard is increasing its network latency requirements. So, whenever the computer slows down or is unresponsive while playing the game, the game is disconnected from the WOW server, which results in the WOW51900319 error.

2. Increase The Graphic Of Each Frame

We all love the high-quality graphics fo game, but every time when you improve the graphics in every frame, the internet does not match the will fail to correspond with the change and this will result in disconnection between the WOW server and your server. 

3. No Correlation

Sometimes the WOW51900319 error can be due to some miscorrelation between your computer configuration, the gaming software, and of course the ISP. If everything fails to correlate with each other then the system will fail to work properly. W

Wrap Up

The game has other technical issues too. So these are all the possible reasons to cause the WOW Game is disconnected error. Now, since you are aware of the possible causes the Error code WOW51900319 also known as “You have been disconnected from the server error”. 

Best Firestick Apps To Watch Free Movies and Live Sports

Are you a firestick user? Do you use your firestick completely? If you thought that your firestick is good for nothing, you would know the full potential of your firestick at the end of this guide.

Firestick is fulfilled when you install the best apps into it. The potential of your firestick is to be determined by the apps you are using in it. In this article, we will be sharing with you some of the best firestick apps that every firestick should have.


Firestick allows the users to install the apps as APK files. And so the scope of the apps used on the firestick was drastically increased. You can install any apps that belong to android on your firestick. That opens new horizons for the firestick application.

If you are new to firestick, then you can refer to this site, to know more about Firestick Tips & Tricks.


1. Kodi

Kodi beats all the other competitors, when it comes for streaming movies for free. Kodi is a big treasure for movie loves, because they release the addons on daily basis to stream new contents.

If you are hearing Kodi for the first time, then in a single line it is A FREE MEDIA STREAMING SOFTWARE. By using the addons, it allows the users to stream various contents. It depends on the addons you are using for streaming various contents.

Make sure to try Kodi, you won’t be disappointed in any way.

2. Cinema APK

Cinema APK is another mainstream app for watching movies in HD quality. You won’t get bored with Cinema APK, with its thousands of contents. The contents streaming through the apps are updated regularly. The streaming quality is as such, the contents are hosted with them, though it doesn’t host any of its content.

You’ll need to sideload this application since you can’t directly download it. And a sincere thanks to those super-fast scrapers for buffer-free streaming.


Firestick will be good for nothing if it can’t streaming any live sports or event. Luckily, Firestick can stream live sports and other events for free. We recommend you to use a VPN, before watching Live Sports on your Firestick.

1. Mobdro

When it comes to streaming content, Mobdro is the first competitor of Kodi. The user interface of the mobdro is much more straightforward than Kodi. You just need to launch and play the app. The best part of the Mobdro is, you can directly download the apk file and sideload it into your firestick.

Mobdro allows you to watch all the live sports channels without spending a dollar. The main part about using mobdro is the URLs will update automatically, and the old/dead links are removed. Using a VPN is safe and secure for streaming.

2. Ckay TV

Ckay TV is a US-based IPTV provider that allows you to watch movies, tv shows, live channels, and kid’s channels. While comparing these categories of channels, Live TV content is the best. The contents of this application are OK, but the interface is not so much good. The apk file can be downloaded directly from the official site.


These are the Best firestick apps to watch movies & live sports. If you have any other best app for firestick and we have missed them on this list. Let us know in the below comment section. We will update our list with your suggestion by testing the app thoroughly. Also, feel free to ask for assistance if you have any queries or suggestions.

The Best Protocol for VPN to Encrypt the Connection

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) use a number of different protocols. The different protocols are different in terms of how they handle the data being trafficked across the private network and the security measures used in handling this data. As such, there are a number of pros and cons according to the specifics of each protocol. Here we take a look at a number of protocols, weighing them up against one another to see which one is the best. To know the necessity of VPN and its features visit this post.

Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)

PPTP uses the internet to connect a remote client to a private server. It’s simple in both terms of maintenance and getting it set up. This is its biggest benefit then – that is, that it is very user-friendly. It’s also highly compatible, being supported by a variety of devices. However, its stability may differ depending on the network that you’re using, and it has been known to be easily blocked. As such, this protocol is good if you’re looking for something that is easy to set up if you don’t mind a less secure VPN that may leave you with an unstable connection.

OpenVPN Protocol

OpenVPN is an open source VPNs which uses its own protocol, which goes by the same name. The OpenVPN protocol is essentially a special and customary mix of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols. OpenVPN is great because it offers high speed and tight security, and it can pass most firewalls and network or ISP restrictions. The problem is that in order to make use of these benefits, you need a bit of technical know-how, with the OpenVPN protocol being a bit trickier to set up than other protocols.

Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP)

The L2TP is a protocol used to tunnel data between two sites through the use of the Internet. What’s significant about LT2P, is that it authenticates users by giving them a key that is shared with the server. Unlike the OpenVPN, this protocol is easy to set up. However, it offers slower speeds and can easily get blocked. However, it also offers a good track record at bypassing networks and it’s security features make it a much-coveted protocol

So each of these protocols has their own pros and cons. As such, it’s worth ending this post by noting that the Hidemyass VPN supports all of these protocols. As such, Hidemyass is a great VPN service merely because it promises to offer all of the different benefits of these protocols. What’s more, with more than 471 servers spread over 56 countries, this is a top quality VPN at the bargain price of $6.55 per month.

How To Watch Free TV Shows On Kodi

Here is a Step-by-step guide to install and setup Kodi. Kodi is a very popular open source project, designed for multimedia purposes. It has a feature to install add-ons which can be exploited to watch TV shows online for free. There are many other methods also available to watch Netflix shows for free. The most tricky part to use Kodi is to set-up it to access TV shows for free. So the Big question is ‘How to setup Kodi ?‘. Once done you can watch TV shows for free in high quality.

Kodi is Available for almost every platform and operating system. It available for Windows, Android, Mac, and Linux.

Read The Steps very carefully if you want to set-up Kodiwithout any problem.

Install Exodus in Kodi

1. Download Kodi for Your Device from here.

2. install it in your device and grant whatever permission it asks. kodi>Add-ons>settings>allow unknown sources (Important step).

4. go to Kodi home screen>settings>file manager>add source> add following source

5. And write fusion in The box below it.

6. Again go to homescreen>addons>install from zip>fusion>select ‘start here’> click on .

7. Then wait for the plugin to be enabled.

8. Now your exodus is ready to show You free TV.

Add Subtitle Feature to your stream

Kodi Can not access online subtitles unless you enable this feature in setting, to do this follow these steps very carefully

1. Go to Kodi Homescreen>settings>player setting>language.

2. scroll down to download services.

3. click on ‘default TV show service’>then click on ‘get more’ button>select

4. click on ‘default movie service’>then click on ‘get more’ button>select

5. Now your subtitles service is enabled and you can enjoy it in your streams.

How to download from Kodi Exodus

You can also download TV shows and movies from Exodus in Kodi for offline purposes. Downloading in exodus is disabled by default so you have to enable it from settings. Just follow these steps very carefully.

1. Go to Kodi homescreen>addons >right click on exodus>settings.

2. Go to Downloads section in Settings and enable downloads.

3. Now most important part define a path for your downloads both TV shows and movies or this feature will not work.

4. Go to exodus>find what you want to download> click on it> when Exodus shows you its links from various providers> right click on one of them and then download it.

Thanks for reading the article. If you have any query or if you have any issues with the installation process, kindly comment below.


How to watch live TV and sports on amazon fire TV stick

Hello everyone! Firestick being one of the most used streaming devices, you can do more than just streaming. It is one of the most powerful device available out there. It has a lot of hidden features, if you can get your hands on those features you can watch all the contents for free. Yep, literally, you can watch everything for free. It includes movies, TV shows, Netflix shows, prime video and lots more. For this, you need to jailbreak your firestick. Most of the devices have limited user access, so you need to breach that to gain root or superuser access. Once you gained that access you can modify the device code to your need. In this article, we will explain how to watch live TV and sports. In case if you haven’t installed kodi on firestick, refer this guide with 5 step process to add kodi to firestick. Now you can watch live TV and sports on amazon fire TV stick.

First, if you are planning to stream a content, you need a streaming player. There are lots of streaming player available out there. For instance, VLC, KMP, Kodi are some of the most used streaming media players. These players are capable of streaming any content from the internet. Provided you need to give the valid streaming links as an input. We personally recommend using kodi. Because all the other player are capable of playing a link provided, but kodi is capable of finding those links.

Kodi is a python based streaming media player. It is capable of adding additional programs from the internet. These additional programs are called as addons. These addons are capable of finding the streaming links across the internet. There are thousands of addons available out there, only very few are working. Don’t worry, we will share a list of working addons to watch live TV and sports. You need to add these addons to your kodi to stream the content. And depending on the addon you are adding, you can stream any of the content.

Best kodi addons to watch live Tv and sports

If you are looking for an addon to watch both sports and live TV, then selfless kodi addon is the most used live TV addons with sports content. This addon was developed recently. But its performance is amazing. You can download the latest version of this addon from the GitHub. There are two ways to install an addon. First installing an addon from the repository. second, installing addons via zip file. We highly recommend the second method. you can find the zip file of the addons in the GitHub. Because developers are directly uploading their files in the GitHub. So it’s better to download the file from the right source.

There are lots of other addons available out there, we personally fell this addon is good. And during our testing, all the links worked. So we are sharing this addon. What do you think about this addon? Do comment below.

How to install repositories on Kodi and watch movies

Well in the previous guide we saw kodi installation methods. Now we share some of the easiest methods to install repository and watch movies. You might be wondering what new knowledge can give you. Well, there is a secret trick to install all the repo in a single click. Yep, you can install most of the famous repository in a single click. And we will also share some of the methods to find the lost repository. In the second part of this guide, we will share some of the best addons top watch movies. This is a beginner guide if your an advanced user you can skip the first section.

Steps to install repository

Probably most of the kodi user know about this method. Here you need to add the repository source to kodi and install the repository directly from the source. Or you can download the repository from the source and follow zip file installation method. Follow the below steps to install any of the repositories.

  • Find the repository URL
  • Go to kodi home screen > Settings > File manager >Add source >none.
  • Now enter the URL and a name for the source.
  • Navigate back to home screen and select addons > unzip icon > Install from zip file.
  • Now select the location of the downloaded file by clicking on the browse.
  • Wait for a few seconds, you will receive a popup.

Thus the repository has been installed successfully. You can follow the same steps to install any of the repositories. Searching for the repository URL is a bit time-consuming process. But there is a special trick to install all the repo with a single click. There is a special repository called Lazy repo. It doesn’t host any of the addons instead its hosts the links of other repositories. You add this repository as a source and you can install any of the linked repositories in a single click.

Hereafter you don’t need to search for repository URL for each and every repository. Follow the below steps to add the lazy repo to your kodi and install other repositories. You can only install the linked repositories.

Steps to install any repository on kodi in a single click

  • Go to settings > File manager > Add Source > None
  • Enter the URL as and enter the name as lazy.
  • Navigate back to home screen and select addons > Unzip icon > install from Zip file.
  • Select lazy > Repos >Kodil/or any repo you want to install.
  • Wait till the repository has been installed.

If this repo is not working, you can find working repo list at Thus you have successfully installed a repository. Now you need to select install from repository followed by repository name and category. And select the addon and click on install. By this way, you can install any of the repositories in a single click. This is a huge time saver. You can install any of the addons in this simple method. Hope this tutorial is helpful.

how to stream usa iptv channels on kodi for free

Due to advancement in the technology, 80% of the cable TV are replaced by IPTV services in the western countries. There are lots of IPTV service providers. The main reason for this change is the cost of cable is pretty high. Now you can watch your favorite IPTV channels without spending a penny.  With kodi you can stream any of the content for free. Kodi is a media streaming software capable of streaming online content with the help of an additional program called addons. Depending on the addons you can stream any of the contents, like movies, TV shows, Sports, IPTV and lot more. In this article, we will explain the steps to stream the US channels for free.

Stream USA IPTV channels on kodi for free

To stream USA IPTV, you need a suitable addon dedicated for this purpose. There are only very few addons dedicated to these channels. Selfless kodi addon is one such addon. With this addon, you can steam all the USA and UK channels. This addon is available in Bliss Repository. The bliss TV repository is located in Download this repo. It will be saved as a zip file. Now follow the below steps to install selfless Kodi addon.

  • Go to addons > Unzipper icon > install from zip file.
  • Select the zip file by clicking on browse and navigate to that location.
  • Wait till the repository is installed.
  • Now select install from repository > Bookmark repo > video addons > Selfless kodi addon > install
  • wait few seconds till the addon is installed. After that, you can open the addon from the home screen.

Now open the addons and select USA channels. Now you can find the list of available channels. Select any of the channels from the list. It will stream directly. Thus with this addon, you can stream both USA and UK channels. There are hundreds of addons to do this task. We just shared only one. If you are facing any of the problems, you can always use other addons.

But streaming the paid content for free is illegal in some countries. And some of the USA channels are geo-restricted. If you are from other countries, you need to mask your IP with the US IP to access those contents. To do this you need the help of a VPN. There are lots of free VPN available out there, you can use any of them. A VPN also helps you keep your online activity anonymous.

These are the steps to watch USA IPTV channels on Kodi. Hope this article is informative and clear. If you are facing an issue, do let us know in the comments.

how to add live TV addons to kodi firestick

Kodi is the main reason for cord cutting. But to install kodi you need a smart TV or any supporting device which runs on Android, Linux. You can also use firestick to convert your normal TV to firestick. you can use firestick to convert monitor to smart TV. Amazon firestick is one of the most used devices for streaming. But kodi being the streaming software, you can add it directly to firestick. you need to sideload kodi to firestick. There are totally 6 methods to add kodi to firestick. you can use any of these methods to add kodi. After adding Kodi, you need to install add-ons to stream any of the contents. In this article, we will share some of the best addons to watch live TV on Kodi. If you are a Roku user, you can find the list of best addon for roku stick with installation guide.

TV on Kodi

Watch Live TV on Kodi for free

There are lots of addons available to watch live TV on Kodi. We will list some of the best addons to watch live TV on kodi. Since live TV are geo-restricted content, sometimes you need a VPN to access those contents. Either way, you can access your local channels, but when you are accessing the channels from other counties you need a VPN.

Selfless Kodi addon

This is one of the best live TV kodi addons, with this addon you can stream Live TV of USA and UK. If you are USA resident, you can stream the content directly. If you are from other country make sure to use a proxy or VPN. It also has a separate section for live sports and 24*7 channels. It has a category called sports world, you can find most of the reply matches in this section. This addon is located in the Bliss Repository. Make sure to try this addon.

Ultra IPTV Kodi addon

Well, there is a mixed opinion about this addon, some say its good and some says its the worst. But in my point of view, it works fine. There are a lot of other addons available out there. But on the basis of reliability, we hope ultra IPTV is worth a try! This addon is available in the kodil repository. The content of this addons is randomly arranged. It is true that this addon lacks categorization. But if all the streams are located under the same directory, it is really easy to find them with the search option. Most of the links are working. It is not a regional addon, it has most of the available streams.

These are the some of the best addons to watch live TV on Kodi. Make sure to comment your favorite addons. Hope that the article is clear. if you are having an issue with the addon, do comment below.

How to Stream Movies with Kodi

Kodi is a free and open source media streaming application software. It can be used for streaming media contents such as Movies, TV Shows, Music, Sports, and much more. Kodi also supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. It contains a lot of add-ons, skins, and builds.

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In Kodi, you can organize all of your media files like movies, TV show episodes, music videos, and other videos, music collection and all through this one system. It will find information about all your files like their date of release, starring actors, episode summaries, or cover art as well as displays all of this information in an attractive format.

One of the major advantage of using Kodi is that it is very easy to control using a remote or using an app on your phone. You can run Kodi on your television and then select a new movie or change the volume. In Kodi, you can organize the files that you already own and also you can install add-ons for Kodi which let you stream movies over the Internet for free. On the below section, we will show you how to stream movies with Kodi.

How to Stream Movies with Kodi?

To stream movies with Kodi there are two different methods. One way is by installing Kodi addons. There are many movie addons for kodi available in the internet. The other method is based on library. Once you can add all of your files to your library, you can start watching your movies. The interesting fact about Kodi is that it’s designed to be used from a distance as well as up close. It can be easily controlled by a game pad or remote as well as using keyboard and mouse which means that it’s perfect for watching movies on your TV while you sit on your couch in comfort.

  1. First, you have to open your Kodi app on your PC or Laptop.
  2. From the Kodi Homepage, you can click on the “Movies”.
  3. Now, you can see a list of your movies with the title and year of each movie in the middle, a synopsis of the movie on the left, and the poster of the movie on the right. If you want to change how your movies are displayed, you can press the “left arrow” and then change the “View type” from “List” to another of the options. In that, the Poster and Wall options are really very nice.
  4. Now you can click on the Title or Poster of any movie and it will start playing in Kodi.
  5. Suppose, if you can’t see your movie in the library, you need to do two things:  Try to restart your Kodi app which will force the library to update. After that, all of the videos in your added folders should appear in your movies library.

Make sure that your folders have the “This directory contains” setting set to Movies. Check this by going to “Files” and then right click on the name of your movies folder and then select “Edit source”. Now, you can click “OK” to confirm the location and then you can change the “This directory contains” setting.


How to Stream Movies with Firestick

The Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are the two best movie streaming devices among the others. These streaming devices are low-cost, fast, easy to use as well as thousands of free applications are available for you to install. One of the important things is these are the best free movie watching application. Combined with Firestick, these will help you to get the best home cinema at a lower cost. Here are some of the best applications that will allow you to stream movies on Fire Stick.

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How to Stream Movies on Firestick with apps ?

1. Kodi

2. TeaTV

3. Crackle


Kodi is a free and open source media streaming apps that allows you to stream free movies on Fire Stick. It has been existed for more than a decade and includes hundreds of fast, reliable and useful add-ons, all for free.

It has so many options for the entertainment, you can choose whatever you like from a music or an organized party playlist to seeing a lot of TV shows. You can also see full-fledged HD movies on your Amazon Fire Stick. Through Kodi, you’ll have access to over thousands of movies of almost all genres just by a single click.

It is also having some interesting feature that allows you to store your favorite TV shows. It supports multiple operating system such as Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. But, Kodi is not directly available on the Fire TV app store. You need to install it manually.


This is a movies and tv shows streaming application from many different sources around the world. So you can enjoy thousands of movies and tv shows without worrying about the server.

Suppose, if you can’t able to connect to the Internet to enjoy your favorite movies, do not worry, the TeaTV movie download feature will help you solve this problem. In this feature, you have the option of downloading movies and TV shows of various quality and you are able to watch them whenever you want. Most of the movies and TV shows on TeaTV are both HD and Full HD.

What about the application interface? A lot of people are interested in this issue when using a new application. And I appreciate TeaTV user interface (UI). The Movies and Catalogs are arranged to optimize the usages of the Fire Stick remote control.


Crackle is yet another great free video streaming service app from Sony Entertainment. By using Crackle, you can easily find the best award-winning movies and TV shows without any interruption.

You need to register on Crackle to see amazing TV shows, movies and web series on your Amazon Fire Stick device. Anyhow, you need to create an account on Crackle to enjoy the freedom of accessing its content. If your children accessing such devices, there is always a risk of them getting exposed to some adult content, which has to be avoided at all costs. Surprisingly, Crackle has also taken care of this by adding a Parental Control feature in the app, to filter the content according to age.