How to Stream Movies with Smart TV

Today, when the market there are hundreds of new technology TV models, of which 10 years ago we could only dream of, so many people became interested in the question of how to stream movies with Smart TV?

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After all, Smart TV app is on many modern TVs, in particular, on the technique of the brand Samsung, Sharp, LG, Philips and others. In fact, this useful function allows you to watch movies, and even some online channels absolutely free of charge directly from the TV. Now let us see how it is done.

There are various Internet-connected devices are available which allow you to stream movies directly to your TV for every type of entertainment consumer. You can also stream movies with high-screen resolution, a suite of built-in apps and wireless Internet connection, Samsung Smart TVs are the ultimate in viewing entertainment.

If you are going to stream anything, you need to get the proper hardware such as a router and one of the Internet-connected devices as well as a high-speed Internet connection. If you want to stream movies continuously, you can use the faster Internet connection. To take full advantage of ever-improving high-definition, or HD, technology, the faster the connection, the better.

How to Stream Movies with Smart TV?

Starting Smart TV

In order to watch Smart TV, you do not need any application – this function should be built into the TV. And for its launch on the remote is a button. Therefore, to start Smart TV, you just need to find on your remote control and press the corresponding button on it.

Configure Smart TV

To configure Smart TV, you must connect your TV to the Internet. It is easiest to use for this your home wi-fi.

How this is done, analyze the example of the TV Philips 32PFL5007H model (depending on the model, the appearance of the window may be different, but the action will still remain the same). So, a turn based to configure Smart TV guide is as follows:

  • After pressing the button on the Smart TV users report that it needs an internet connection. Click “Next”.
  • Select the option of internet connection – wireless or wired. In the second case, the TV will need to connect a regular cable with RJ connector In this example, the house has wi-fi, so we choose the first option.
  • To find your wi-fi, you need to press the “Scan”
  • In the list of found networks to choose their own, then the user will see a menu that isshown.
  • Push the button “Enter key” and see the screen shown in the image. In the field, circledin red, you need to enter a password on your network and click “Finish” button, circledby a green border.
  • Thereafter, the user will see roughly the window shown in the image. There will need to choose one of the sites that allow you to watch movies for free. In our case the standard menu already has one such site – Zoom by.
  • Click on the tab of the page get to the service.