how to add live TV addons to kodi firestick

Kodi is the main reason for cord cutting. But to install kodi you need a smart TV or any supporting device which runs on Android, Linux. You can also use firestick to convert your normal TV to firestick. you can use firestick to convert monitor to smart TV. Amazon firestick is one of the most used devices for streaming. But kodi being the streaming software, you can add it directly to firestick. you need to sideload kodi to firestick. There are totally 6 methods to add kodi to firestick. you can use any of these methods to add kodi. After adding Kodi, you need to install add-ons to stream any of the contents. In this article, we will share some of the best addons to watch live TV on Kodi. If you are a Roku user, you can find the list of best addon for roku stick with installation guide.

TV on Kodi

Watch Live TV on Kodi for free

There are lots of addons available to watch live TV on Kodi. We will list some of the best addons to watch live TV on kodi. Since live TV are geo-restricted content, sometimes you need a VPN to access those contents. Either way, you can access your local channels, but when you are accessing the channels from other counties you need a VPN.

Selfless Kodi addon

This is one of the best live TV kodi addons, with this addon you can stream Live TV of USA and UK. If you are USA resident, you can stream the content directly. If you are from other country make sure to use a proxy or VPN. It also has a separate section for live sports and 24*7 channels. It has a category called sports world, you can find most of the reply matches in this section. This addon is located in the Bliss Repository. Make sure to try this addon.

Ultra IPTV Kodi addon

Well, there is a mixed opinion about this addon, some say its good and some says its the worst. But in my point of view, it works fine. There are a lot of other addons available out there. But on the basis of reliability, we hope ultra IPTV is worth a try! This addon is available in the kodil repository. The content of this addons is randomly arranged. It is true that this addon lacks categorization. But if all the streams are located under the same directory, it is really easy to find them with the search option. Most of the links are working. It is not a regional addon, it has most of the available streams.

These are the some of the best addons to watch live TV on Kodi. Make sure to comment your favorite addons. Hope that the article is clear. if you are having an issue with the addon, do comment below.