How to watch live TV and sports on amazon fire TV stick

Hello everyone! Firestick being one of the most used streaming devices, you can do more than just streaming. It is one of the most powerful device available out there. It has a lot of hidden features, if you can get your hands on those features you can watch all the contents for free. Yep, literally, you can watch everything for free. It includes movies, TV shows, Netflix shows, prime video and lots more. For this, you need to jailbreak your firestick. Most of the devices have limited user access, so you need to breach that to gain root or superuser access. Once you gained that access you can modify the device code to your need. In this article, we will explain how to watch live TV and sports. In case if you haven’t installed kodi on firestick, refer this guide with 5 step process to add kodi to firestick. Now you can watch live TV and sports on amazon fire TV stick.

First, if you are planning to stream a content, you need a streaming player. There are lots of streaming player available out there. For instance, VLC, KMP, Kodi are some of the most used streaming media players. These players are capable of streaming any content from the internet. Provided you need to give the valid streaming links as an input. We personally recommend using kodi. Because all the other player are capable of playing a link provided, but kodi is capable of finding those links.

Kodi is a python based streaming media player. It is capable of adding additional programs from the internet. These additional programs are called as addons. These addons are capable of finding the streaming links across the internet. There are thousands of addons available out there, only very few are working. Don’t worry, we will share a list of working addons to watch live TV and sports. You need to add these addons to your kodi to stream the content. And depending on the addon you are adding, you can stream any of the content.

Best kodi addons to watch live Tv and sports

If you are looking for an addon to watch both sports and live TV, then selfless kodi addon is the most used live TV addons with sports content. This addon was developed recently. But its performance is amazing. You can download the latest version of this addon from the GitHub. There are two ways to install an addon. First installing an addon from the repository. second, installing addons via zip file. We highly recommend the second method. you can find the zip file of the addons in the GitHub. Because developers are directly uploading their files in the GitHub. So it’s better to download the file from the right source.

There are lots of other addons available out there, we personally fell this addon is good. And during our testing, all the links worked. So we are sharing this addon. What do you think about this addon? Do comment below.