Why WOW Game Is Disconnected?

Online multiplayer games have created quite a revolution in recent years. Most of the online games are more powerful and are connected to game servers, which are not only yours, and that’s why it can get complicated or errors occur due to poor internet connections or conflicts in the network.

Blizzard is one of the most popular game companies. Over the years it has produced some very exciting games and World of Warcraft is one of them. The game is fun to play, but ever since they released many updates in features in 2004, it still has some bugs.

Recently, gamers have encountered an error, WOW51900319. At first, we thought it was a server issue but due to the increasing number of reported cases, we decided to take the issue seriously as it might be quite frustrating and complicated, so you will definitely need tips to solve wow51900319 issue.

What is WOW51900319 Error?

Originally, the WOW51900319 was a software bug that occurred only in the World of Warcraft game. So, you will only see this error when playing the game, otherwise, it has nothing to do with your computer’s operating system. The WOW51900319 error occurs when the players are disconnected from the network due to web issues on your network or at the end of the game server. In other words, you see this message every time when the game cannot connect to the WoW server.

What causes WOW51900319 Error?

World of Warcraft is a multiplayer game that provides its users with a variety of gaming environments so that the game never becomes boring for them. Along with this, it comes with seven expansion packs. Players believe the bug happened after lunch on an expansion package called Legion. But nothing has been confirmed so far by the blizzard and we don’t know it for sure.

But some assumptions were made about the error. According to players, these are the common reasons for the error.

1. Network Latency requirements

We all know that Blizzard is increasing its network latency requirements. So, whenever the computer slows down or is unresponsive while playing the game, the game is disconnected from the WOW server, which results in the WOW51900319 error.

2. Increase The Graphic Of Each Frame

We all love the high-quality graphics fo game, but every time when you improve the graphics in every frame, the internet does not match the will fail to correspond with the change and this will result in disconnection between the WOW server and your server. 

3. No Correlation

Sometimes the WOW51900319 error can be due to some miscorrelation between your computer configuration, the gaming software, and of course the ISP. If everything fails to correlate with each other then the system will fail to work properly. W

Wrap Up

The game has other technical issues too. So these are all the possible reasons to cause the WOW Game is disconnected error. Now, since you are aware of the possible causes the Error code WOW51900319 also known as “You have been disconnected from the server error”.